Activ8 helps individuals, teams and organizations achieve higher performance by channeling intent into purposeful, powerful action.

Get really clear on where you want to go

  • Identify what’s working, what’s not, and what shifts are required
  • Challenge and ground baseline beliefs about what is and what is possible
  • Envision what success looks like

Create connected, collaborative communities and cultures

  • With individuals who are accountable for themselves and the success of the group
  • In an open environment that supports achievement of individual and shared commitments
  • That leverages the power of each individual, learns fast and acts with synchronicity

Client Spotlight

CEO: “If you want to build trust in a significant way, collaborate at a higher level, and actually do things in a different way, this is the team for you.”

Business Leader: “I had high expectations. You exceeded them in every way.”

Team Participant: “You have NO idea just how much working with your team meant to me (and I am sure all 39 of my teammates OR as I prefer to call them "Work Family")...You are talented and compassionate and you "get" people. You have created something wonderful and fun and you have the coolest jobs EVER!”

Participant Spouse: “My husband walked in the door with his general air of confidence but I also felt a calmness surrounding him. The man before me did not have his eyes darting around and five electronic devices at his fingertips. He was, well, serene.”

Employee Wellbeing Manager: “This is the most impactful program we have ever done, and we have done them all. This program addresses all the elements of Wellbeing at once.”

Increase your awareness and ability to take effective action

  • Learn through relevant experiences to channel power in the three areas of human experience – body, intellect, emotion
  • Align your actions with what you really care about
  • Develop tools to manage stress and improve health
  • Embed practices into daily life to build and sustain capability

Our Services

We support our clients with a distinctive, research-based approach to achieve breakthroughs by:

  1. Elevating team performance to new levels
  2. Creating safer, healthier workforces